Bucket List 2014

The New Year is upon is and  so are the many resolutions that we make(which admittedly get broken within 48 hours).

So I ain’t gonna make any resolutions, just a list of to do things( no , not resolutions). Here We go :

1. See every movie on IMDb top 250/Rotten Tomatoes

i have seen about 20-25 of those and I haven’t been let down once. So that’s a thing. The only hindrance i might face is slow internet speed and my own procrastination-al powers. Since it is titled Bucket List, i will watch that movie regardless whether it is on the list or not.


Oh, yes, top of the list and top choice

2.  Be more Sarcastic 

As a fellow blogger “acquaintance” of mine, Highest Form of Whit says, “Sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence” and i quite concur with her, so hence, being more sarcastic, a la Chandler Bing is on my bucket list,Because lets face it, sometimes being TOO nice lets you nowhere.


a little humor at the expense of others and self doesn’t hurt does it 😛

3. Go on a Road(or train) Trip with college friends

yes, you can say ” what ? you haven’t been on a road trip yet? are you kidding me?” and all the other cliched stuff like ” you’re missing out on a lot”, but the fact is something or the other just crops up( family constraints included). Now that we all are in our final year, we can , courtesy less hectic time table, plan a trip (within the week). And its gonna be worth the wait. I’ll modify Sirius Black’s quote from Prisoner of Azkaban to suit my situation.


 I did my waiting. 4 years of it. In Amity.

4.  Do a Harry Potter and LOTR Marathon.

i might take up the next weekend only to do this deed. I just LOVE these two series and this is probably the easiest of the lot. they transport you to another dimension altogether and you relate with them. All you need is Love( which equals Laptop, blanket, popcorn and these 8+3 movies). I also intend to rent the LOTR books, so that is another sub bucket list thing. Harry Potter is implied. Now , really should i even mention that?


I’m going back to Hogwarts. 😀

5. Regret Nothing

i know it sounds like the YOLO crap but believe me, its more of a “Carpe Diem” for me.  Miss someone? Call them. Don’t like being taken for granted? tell them to mend their ways. Like somebody? confess to them( comes with a rider: you can be friendzoned). Life is simple, we complicate it too much. hence, simplify your life and be happy.


“A tad? A tad, Lloyd? You drove almost a sixth of the way across the country in the wrong direction!” okay , not THAT carpe diem 😛

so there you go , I know pretty small bucket list, but one must bite only as much they can chew.  So , taking small, but assured steps for now.

till my next blog, which’ll be on New Year’s Day about Liverpool FC V/s Hull City AFC : A fan’s Analysis


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Just your average (good looking) guy next door. Peppered with narcissism (though you could have figured that out from the earlier line only).
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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    All the best in achieving those!

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